by Camboys

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released July 15, 2016

recorded by me in fraser's kitchen and bedroom and my kitchen and bedroom july 2016



all rights reserved


Camboys Leeds, UK

camboys is jack william / infogrrrrl queer pop music based in leeds.
also in camp shy and cat apostrophe

also does queerpop leeds

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Track Name: War Games (1983)
This is a fight song I wrote when at the height of my post-breakup anger. It's a cry of "yeah? I could take you." It's about fighting dirty.

Do you want a war?
I could give you one
Do you want a war?
It might be fun

Polish off my halo
Take some shine for yours
Pearly wings aflutter
Funnel tears from your eyes

Do you want a war?
I could take it
Do you want a war?
Your pawns might fall

Polish off my halo
Take some shine from years
Pearly wings aflutter
Funnel tears from your eyes
Track Name: Star Trek: The Motion Picture
You know when you do something that you know is deeply morally wrong and you know it's going to make you feel worse and everything worse but your body just does it anyway? This is about picking up a notebook and knowing what it is somewhere in your mind but not listening to that part of your mind and reading one sentence and closing the book again and crying and breathing in sharply and realising all you were to him was a burden.

"J felt stressed" that's what I wrote in your converted school notebook
"J felt stressed" I guess I did didn't think you noticed noticed more my distress

And I see you tonight boy and I think you sure look swell

Did I make you upset?
Did I push you away?
Did I make everything worse?
Did I not try my best?

"J felt stressed" that's what I wrote in your converted school notebook
When you left was it for the best and when you left was it for the best?

When you left I couldn't talk
There's a silence with you
And sometimes a letter with your name
Arrives at my door
Track Name: It's Raining
Music video here:

This is about playing the texting game where you don't text because he hasn't text and you don't want to be the first to text (so you can find out if he cares about you) but he works full time and has a wife and a baby so he's probably not going to text you first and then you text and you have to apologise for being a bother but bringing up your feelings just creates more tension in an already tense situation.

I wanna reach out to you
But I know if I don't
You won't

Don't talk to me about silver linings
But then I saw the weather
Track Name: Waves 1
Music video here:

Sexual abuse tears people apart. Rediscovering that I'd been abused tore my relationship apart. Sure, there were other reasons for the relationship ending, but I count past sexual abuse high on the list. Some of these are questions I ask myself: if I hadn't drank, would it have happened? The answer is probably not. So my mind goes in a spiral and says, "You brought this on yourself." Which, while untrue, is a hard thought to ignore.

Did he ask for it?

I think all my friends hate me
Some days I think I asked for it

Couldn't handle my drink
Don't tell me anything
Don't tell me anything at all

We've just grown apart
Track Name: Waves 2
Music video here:

Captured, stripped, interrogated, tortured. I break easy, I capitulate. "Yes," I admit, "I asked for it."

Finally, a talker
I don't look good naked anymore
Can't even look upon you
Without feeling his hand

Some days I think I asked for it