by Camboys

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curve is the debut album from camboys. it deals with loss and grief, trauma and recovery.


released August 23, 2016

all tracks recorded, mixed and mastered by jack william in silverthorne
additional vocals on tracks 1, 3 and 9 by becky healy
additional vocals on tracks 2 and 3 by megan pickering
additional vocals on track 9 by carl farrugia
additional guitar on track 1 by chris mather



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Camboys Leeds, UK

camboys is jack william / infogrrrrl queer pop music based in leeds.
also in camp shy and cat apostrophe

also does queerpop leeds

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Track Name: Adrift
Never stopped leaving, did you
Never stop leaving
Could you have stayed
Never stop leaving did you

Did you really leave
Am I gonna see you in the street

You were always a scumbag from the very first stone's throw
"A wrong life can't be lived rightly."
But hey, you know, you do you

You live your life, I'll live mine
Shouting through the letterbox
Scarred chest bleeding through your vest
When you were nine
Track Name: Big Bad
I wanna be honest with you but it'd send you screaming to the hills
And I thought when I finally grew up I'd stop falling in love with my best friends
But is there such a thing as 'growing up'?

Full to the brim
You're so soft
A weakling

And of course I have this thing
Where I have to be the protector
A kick back against that stupid shattered past
Which reinforces the masculinity of my father

And you know all I need all I want all I need is for someone like you
Someone who won't be sexual with me or
Cannot be
Who will hold me in his arms
Untangle my knotted hair
And whisper
It's all going to be alright
Track Name: Curve
Dumping you in Pere Lachaise cemetary was the best thing that I could do
Do you not think you should have asked?
I'm still here wondering if you know you did something wrong
And when I feel that hand upon me what can I do but
Breate, exhale and wait
I have good friends around me now
But your type want others to be vulnerable and lonely
So you can get your way
But what if we bash back?
Lash out at creeps like you
Bash back
Minus a tooth or two

Hey, rape apologists
Hey, victim blamers
Believing us is more important
Than your DIY cred
Track Name: Buoyant
Alright, alright, come back down to Earth
Alright, alright, you've been gone too long
Denis got a new motorbike
He's just gonna take it for a ride
Denis had a kid and wife
He's just gonna take it for a ride
Denis had everything
He couldn't have wanted more
His friends, were they jealous?
They all said he was a whore
Come back Denis, come back
You've been gone too long
Come back Denis, come back
Don't you know you have a son?
Track Name: Abbenay
why do you try so hard
you fall so hard
Track Name: Bellona
Take me to Bellona
Old sea monsters coming up to get me
I could just live forever in the dark
We cut each other so often
Can it be said we live independent
As bodies in space floating without care
If we can do nothing but harm each other?
I find it easier
Being far away
Track Name: Airlock
You'd say "God probably does have a plan for us,
We're just too small to notice."

I guess we're both vulnerable
But we're told not to be
And it hurts to admit
I want a /man/ to hold my hand

I guess we've not had a choice
We weren't exactly free
And it hurts to admit
I want /you/ to hold my hand
Track Name: Low Tide
The wind dies
We stand on the beach and let our feet get wet
We stay here til it's too cold to leave
Even though your grandparents wait for us
We can't leave, we must stand still
No-one's coming to take our places
Feet frozen into darkening sand
Rusted gas lanterns by your side
We can't leave, we must stand still
Morning comes with its first sweet breath
The sun warms us up and the tide pulls us out
Your grandparents fell softly to sleep
We can't leave, we've got to stand still
The wind dies
Track Name: Sunken
Denis you've gone, sunk beneath the waves
And will we ever see you again
I could tell by the look in your eye
Will we ever see you again
You were the happiest guy I ever knew
Denis you've gone, sunk beneath the waves
And will we ever see you again
Of all of us, you were the most fun
And will we ever see you again
Oh Denis, please come back to us